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OSHWA에서 OSHW 인증을 구축하기 위한 작업을 진행중이다.

관련자료: http://www.oshwa.org/2015/06/02/building-an-open-source-hardware-certification-with-oshwa/

공개되는 정보에 따라  몇가지 레벨의 인증이 생길 것 같고, 인증로고도 만들어 질 것 같다.

Primary Goals

  • Make it easier for the public to identify open source hardware.
  • Move towards common expectations of what qualifies as open source hardware, including how non-open elements of putatively open source hardware is handled.
  • Expand the reach of open hardware by making it easier for “outsiders” to participate by setting clear expectations and definitions.

Optional/Secondary Goals

  • Encourage the creation of OSHW database
  • Develop an additional sustainable funding source for OSHWA