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Raspberry Pi에서 슬라이싱하기

Octoprint는 크로스플랫폼을 지원하며, Raspberry Pi를 기본적으로 지원한다.  이 기사에서는 3가지 종류의 Raspberry Pi에서 슬라이싱 테스트를 했는데, 결론은 다음과 같다.

There’s simply no competition between a modern desktop or laptop processor and the comparatively dinky ARM chip used in the Raspberry Pi. Which is why you should really just slice your models on the computer and send the resulting G-Code to OctoPrint over the network. That’s the intended workflow, and it really does make a lot more sense than forcing the Pi to labor over a task it’s clearly not cut out for. If the results of this test have shown anything, it’s that slicing on the Pi is a time consuming process no matter which model you buy.

즉 슬라이싱은 PC에서하고, Octoprint는 Gcode를 네트워크로 전달하는 역할만 하도록…